Thursday, March 26, 2015 : School

We won’t know when will we write our last post, or whether it will be the most valuable one. Regardless of whether it will be the one or not, just do our best.

Anyway, now I gonna start my first English post, hope you like it.
School. That’s where we study anything. Our classmates tell us about puberty, our teachers teach hormones and those glands inside our body. Our classmates inform you what internet is, and the teachers insist you to use it. Life’s like school. We living human are the pupils, and of course you know who the teacher is: God. Simple, right?

People now are so into love. In 1 Corinthians 13:13, “But the greatest of these is love“. There are people who fight for (what they call) love. They need freedom to express their love, even if it is for your besties, your siblings, your kids–they fight for it. Yes, the greatest is love, thus force us to express it to our friends, family, etc. But have you think over it; that not all love is about kissing, touching, or maybe even sex?

I believe that we will not put catfish and goldfish in one tank, right? It’s actually the same with love. You cannot love your husband just like how you love your kids. You cannot love your best friend the same way with your teacher. There are four types of love: agape, storge, philia, and eros. These things are the way our heavenly teacher want us to express our love.

First, agape. It’s the way your teacher loves you. He doesn’t take your love, He gives. Even if you cannot fulfill this, (and believe me that you will not!) He still gives.
The second is storge. How we share our life with our family is the easy definition of this kind. From our childhood until we pass away from this world, they still be here: in our heart. Familial love, that’s it.
Philia, things that we adore as teen. Our friends, new and old will give and collect philia. It’s naturally happening and it will gives us endorphine to live our life. Sometimes we feel that philia is way better than storge. Just be realistic.
And the last but not least, eros. This is where the misconception begins. “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Is our best friend the one? No. He doesn’t give Adam a guy to have fun with. He creates Eve.

When people tries to say that “it’s a grace from God” or it’s pluralism, I only can say that love is not only about marriage. Best friends can be the one who relieve you from hurt. Loving people is a requirements for us to be fulfilled. God doesn’t say “marry everyone”, but to love everyone.

Our mindset are tightening. When we hear word Love, we think about kiss and hug. We forget about the sacrificial love He gives. Last week Mrs Retno taught my class about meaning changes, and please don’t let our children learn that “love” is the one which is narrowing. Believe me, God doesn’t create human with limitation, but we did.

* Rome 5:12


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